Frequently Asked Questions

PWPS offer a flexible payroll service to suit your needs.

We guide you through your payroll process and ensure you comply with legislation and your employees are paid correctly.

Alternatively we can run a fully managed service which includes making the BACS payments to your employees, HMRC and any third party agencies such as courts or pension providers.

Why should I outsource my payroll?

More and more employers are outsourcing their payroll. It makes business sense to just pay for skills when you need them.

Payroll is becoming more complex with added legislation such as RTI and Auto Enrolment.  To employ a qualified person to run your payroll in house, buy and support payroll software, training updates, office space, have spare capacity for absence cover of your pay roller, disaster recovery procedures and comply with data protection issues is just not cost effective for a lot of employers.

What do I need to take into acount when I decide to outsource?

There are a lot of payroll providers to choose from and you need to be careful that you engage the right one for your company. The main thing to remember is that you need to compare “like for like” and weed out any hidden costs.

  • Ask for a firm quote that includes all fees.
  • Query if you don’t have some sort of scoping exercise and procedure discussions.
  • Check the terms of engagement and ensure they can provide all services you require, include future requirements/growth, such as auto enrolment or business plans.
  • Is there a charge for changing the level of service required, what happens should you or the provider terminate the service.
  • Ask for testimonials and speak to the authors.

What is a Bacs registered Bureau?

There are many payroll providers who do not hold the BACS Registered status. This means that a bureau is audited and compliant to BACS legislation.

How does outsourcing work?

Here at PWPS we ask the employer to delegate an authorised payroll contact within the company. Depending on the set up and size of the company there could be more contacts given.

These are the people that we at PWPS will work with when scoping the payroll requirements and setting procedures in place to include how data is sent to and from payroll.

I think my payroll is far too complicated to outsource…

Depending on the knowledge of the provider chosen, any payroll can be outsourced. With comprehensive scoping, agreed procedures and deadline dates in place, it will work!

Losing control puts me off outsourcing my payroll!

All instructions for the payroll concerning employees pay are driven by the employer, if a BACS service is requested a signature from a designated contact is required prior to sending the payroll to BACS. This gives the employer control over what is being paid without the worries of processing.

What happens if things go wrong?

With the checking procedures in place errors should not happen. If they do, PWPS will work with the employer to rectify the error. Procedures will then be addressed to minimise the same error occurring again.

What if I would just like some general payroll advice?

Again this will depend on the chosen provider and their depth of knowledge.

Here at PWPS we are all members of professional bodies that provide advice on complex matters and we also have the ability to ask our specialists in other financial areas to assist.