Payroll Services

Payroll isn’t all you do, but it is all we do.  Because it’s our area of expertise we’ll keep ahead of the changes, so you don’t have to hope your payroll is right – you know it is.

Payroll is becoming more complex. Providing in-house payroll services is often expensive and outside the reach of many businesses. With the task of paying employees becoming increasingly onerous, it is no wonder that many companies look to payroll outsourcing for the answer.

Unlike many national payroll service providers we don’t enforce our methods on you. We work with you to get the right managed payroll solution for you. Customer satisfaction is our number one aim.

Whether you are already using a payroll outsourcing service or you a looking to use a payroll company for the first time contact us for a payroll solution matched to your needs.

Fully Managed Payroll


HR services

Along with our payroll solutions, PWPS can also manage your HR services. If this is of interest to you please contact us for further details.